Norene Griffin, CMT

About Me

I am a California Certified Massage Therapist practicing Integrative Massage in Alameda, CA. My massage style is “integrative” in the sense that I combine techniques from Swedish, Shiatsu, deep tissue, trigger point, and other massage modalities, balancing muscle care with a focus on deep relaxation. I have logged thousands of hours as a massage therapist in a variety of settings including the Claremont Spa in Berkeley, The Ivy Tree Massage & Muscle Care in Marblehead, MA, and at my current location tucked away within Radiant Life Chiropractic here in Alameda.

integrative massage roomA few words from my clients…

“Norene gave me the best massage I’ve ever had. I had been struggling with a stiff neck and back for over month, and had 2 other massages that did not result in any long term results. Norene spent 30 minutes — and like magic, my neck and back were healed! I highly recommend her and will be back.” -Theresa

“5 star massage all around. I have never felt so comfortable getting a massage; from her personalized questions and technique to the nice location with easy parking. Very affordable, quality care, I am now taking better care of myself thanks to Norene and her fantastic skills. I have had horrible back and muscle spasms from injuries, stress and arthritis and Norene has all but made them vanish. I am a very happy regular client now.” -Cynthia

“She was awesome.” -Oyenda

“So glad I got a gift card from my friend! What a great massage and felt like she reached each area that I was having some problems with.” -Patti

“One of the VERY best massages I have ever had!!!! Norene listened to what my particular issues were, including a very painful wrist injury I suffered the week before and was able to intuit where I needed a little extra work. The results were instantaneous, I walked out feeling like the reset button had been pushed, & my wrist stopped hurting the very next day (Seriously!). I cannot recommend her enough & am jumping at the chance to have her work on me again! Also, worth noting, Norene has a super pleasant demeanor and a voice that seems to dissolve stress:)” -Andrea

“Thank you again for the wonderful shiatsu massage… it was profoundly healing. You are truly gifted in this practice. See you again next week.” -Mary

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